Age 23, Torn Cervix

This is the cervix of a 23 year old woman gave birth vaginally two years ago.  She typically has a 30 day cycle and has no history of STIs.

Her cervix tore during the birth of her large baby and required sutures postpartum.  You can see the irregular (not doughnut-shaped) shape of her cervix in the photo.   After birth, she also experienced a partially prolapsed uterus which was corrected with a Laparoscopic Sacral Colpohysteropexy procedure.  Her doctors advise a planned cesarean section for future births due to concerns of incompetent cervix and causing further trauma. 

Day 17

2 thoughts on “Age 23, Torn Cervix

  1. Would the reason for a planned CS be because of the prolapse? I have a badly torn cervix from my first labour but easily delivered my second without any complications and was never told to have a CS.


    Krista (RN, Medic, Nerdling) Reply:

    It is definitely due to the prolapse. With a prolapse the connective tissues that hold the uterus in position are stretched and are not to trusted or stressed with delivery. It could prolapse again during delivery or easily while delivering the placenta if the doc pulls too hard while assisting. Since her uterus prolapsed, her cervix would have been severely compromised–leading to the incompetent cervix diagnosis (I’m sure a man came up with that med term!}. She may even require a stitch during the pregnancy to further support the cervix, which will be removed when the baby is fully developed in during delivery if she goes early.

    Torn cervix, even one that requires stitches, is very common and doesn’t normally cause concern for future deliveries.


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