Age 23, Day 26

This is the cervix of a 23 year old woman without children.  Her cycles usually last 29-30 days.  She has no history of STDs, and has always had normal pap smear results.

Day 26

2 thoughts on “Age 23, Day 26

  1. Thanks for your website, it is a wonderful learning tool for women. I do have some questions and I hope I can get some feedback from you. In this picture the of day 26 of this 23 year old the discharge resembles that from a yeast infection (I know we have yeast naturally, but when it gets in overdrive we end up with this “cottage cheese” like vaginal secretions. How do you verify the images posted through the cycle represent a “normal” discharge vs something like a yeast infection a woman should treat? I would appreciate your input on this matter, I am a Medical student and I think your website can offer a good opportunity for women to learn about themselves. Hope I can hear from you.


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