Age 25 Pregnancy & Postpartum

This is the cervix of a 25 years old woman pregnant with her first child.  She has no history of gynecological surgeries, though she did have annual pap smears between ages 15 and 24, which always had normal results.  She took hormonal birth control pills between the ages of 15 and 24.  She had begun practicing Fertility Awareness Method of birth control and her cycle length was about 22 days before she conceived.

11th Week of Pregnancy

This woman was used to tracking her cervix pre-pregnancy, and described her pregnant cervix at this stage to be a little bigger, thick center, soft around the outside.  For her, she said it felt similar to ovulation state (including similar secretions) but with a thicker center.


34th Week of Pregnancy

The cervix is almost completely obscured in this photo due to the swelling of the vagina common in late pregnancy.  She noted that in this photo she had a vaginal yeast infection.


5 weeks Postpartum

This mama spontaneously birthed her baby vaginally 5 weeks ago at home with only the presence of her partner.  She listened to her instincts, birthed in the squatting position, and eased her baby out slowly, without tears or damage to her perineum; she reports that the labor and birth were relatively pain free.  At the time this photo was taken, she was breastfeeding exclusively.  This photo was taken the first day of her first menstruation postpartum, and you can see the blood flowing from her os.  Her period did not resume regularly after this; she had three weak ‘periods’ two weeks apart.  When feeling her cervix, she noticed a small hard bump near her os.  Though hardly visible, she deduced it was Nabothian cyst.  It disappeared few weeks later. 

Nabothian Cyst

Nabothian cysts are mucous filled and can generally be felt as a small firm bump on the surface of the cervix.  They are generally benign and resolve on their own.

4 thoughts on “Age 25 Pregnancy & Postpartum

  1. Ah glad i found this, now i went to my female doctor some years ago and her and the female nurse asked me what the problem was, i explained that whilst checking my cervical position etc i felt a small lump on the corner of the os, they both looked at each other and then looked at me and said okay, how on earth did you feel that??? but they checked me via smear test type exam and told me not to worry! thats all i was told, however since reading this i just went and checked and the lump is still in the same place as it was all those years ago when i went to doctors to ask about it!!! is there something wrong??? its not a big lump its quite small! what is it and why hasnt it gone by itself like you say on here???? please help


  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. I have a bump on mine that comes and goes. I always assumed it was some sort of cyst that keeps appearing and then resolving itself.


  3. It could simply be an anomaly of the cervix. I’ve had a cerclage placed in the past (where the cervix is sewn shut during pregnancy to keep the cervix closed), and I can feel each stitch hole, and I can also feel what “feels like” scratches on one side (not sure where the “scratches came from, but they’ve been ever since I began checking my own cervix 5 years ago, and they never go away). If you’re really worried, find a new gynecologist and have your cervix checked.


  4. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and have been trying to feel my cervix but can’t. This picture is helpful because it looks like this far along its hard to get to the cervix. As labor progresses does the cervix become easier to feel? Do you have any photos of a cervix later on in pregnancy or during labor?


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