Age 26 – Days 24 and 25

This is the cervix of a 26 year old woman who has never given birth.  She typically has a 30 day cycle.

Day 24

Since her cycle is typically 30 days long, she is in the infertile luteal phase and there is very little cervical fluid present.


Day 25

5 thoughts on “Age 26 – Days 24 and 25

  1. So interesting! My cervical opening is a horizontal slit, totally dry and closed, and I’m on cycle day 23. Would that be considered normal?


    beautifulcervix Reply:

    Sounds normal if you already ovulated.


  2. I’m on day 21 and my cycles are 30-31 days and I’ve noticed a little more than usually CM would that mean I e conceived this time around? Because this cervix is very dry?


    Katie Reply:

    I’m on day 26 of my cycle and I am 29 yrs old no vaginal birth aside from a miscarriage 2 months along. I have milky white fluid like discharge and my cervix feels soft wet and open… Is this normal??


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