Age 57, Postmenopausal

This woman first saw her cervix during group self-exam at a workshop she attended. Inspired by the beauty inside of herself, she invited her lover to photograph her cervix.  She is 57 years old and hasn’t had a menstrual period for 7 years.

She has two children who were born vaginally 27 and 30 years ago and has never had an abnormal pap smear or STI.   

She has a tilted uterus, which is a variation of normal.  In this photo, you can see her cervix pointing upwards and to the right, with her os on the top right, covered with a small amount of cervical fluid (and some bubbles caused by the insertion of the speculum).

age 57, postmenopausalwv

2 thoughts on “Age 57, Postmenopausal

  1. I am 48. I was hoping to conceive ( never have had a baby due to not meeting right person till now). Have recently been told I am perimenapausal/possibly menapausal so probably too late. Anyway refusing to give up despite the slim chances of pregnancy. I have been tracking my cervix for 6 months but not pictures just by touch. I know it used to rise and fall with the cycle, go hard and soft during the cycle regularly. In last 50 days it has stayed very high ( so can hardly touch it) and varies but usually is soft . I have negative HPT results so was wondering if it was due to onset of true menopause and if anyone of you volunteers has had this. I can find no answer on internet as to if the cervix remains high and soft once menopause truly begins. I was wondering if you can help me since I am a little worried this has happened. Despite not wanting to be infertile I prefer to know. Sorry if this is not a question you can answer but any information I can get is welcomed.


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