Pap, postpartum, and New Ovulation Photos!

Happy Spring!  Many thanks to our newest volunteers….Check out the new photo galleries!

Pap Smear

6 Weeks Postpartum

Day 16 at ovulation

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!  And as always, I encourage other women (and their partners) to replicate this project.  We are especially looking for photos of cervices later in pregnancy or in early dilation during pre-labor or labor.  If you are (or may be) interested, please contact me:

Love Thy Cervix!

New Galleries

Happy New Year!

There are a few new pages in the photo gallery including colposcopy/LEEP procedure, IVF conception photos, and another pregnant mama’s cervix. Check it out!

If you are interested in participating, please email me at and I will send you instructions so you can get started.

Blessings on our cervices and peace on earth!

IUD and Pregnancy Images

Thanks for your continued support!! So far, the Beautiful Cervix website has had over 2 million page views from around the world!

The Beautiful Cervix Project website is now available for non-English speakers! There is a link in the bottom right of the navigation bar to translate my site into Spanish and other languages through Google translator. It might not be the most perfect translation, but the general meaning gets across.

A wonderful 25 year old medical student and her partner volunteered to photograph her cervix for an entire cycle.  She has an IUD and the photos are excellent quality.  View photos here.

Also, many women have been requesting photos of a cervix during pregnancy. Wonderful news! Another woman who is newly pregnant photographed her cervix. View photos here. Be sure to check back in a few months for photos later in her pregnancy.

Thank you so much to these amazing volunteers!

New Photos!

Please check out the pre-and post-coitus photos for a deeper look into fertility. You can find them on the right navigation bar under the ‘Pre and Post Coitus’ link.

May these be educational for you!


**This site contains photos of a cervix**

**View at your discretion**

Thank you for finding me.

I have been having trouble with other web-hosting programs due to high traffic volume or due to ‘inappropriate images.’  Please bear with this temporary site and use the navigation bar to the right to view an overview of the project and the photos.

This project has touched my heart.  I have so appreciated all the positive feedback and personal stories people have shared on my original website.  Yay empowerment and healing and connection!  Thank you all.

Please check back in the spring of 2009 as I hope to have more women’s cervices posted.