Age 26 – Day 2


This is a photo of a woman’s cervix from day two of her 28 day cycle.  She has never been pregnant or had any STIs.  You can see the darker red cells around her os called the squamocolumnar  junction (border between the squamous epithelium of the ectocervix and the columnar epithelium of the endocervix).  This is a normal pattern of cells that is visible on some women.  Interestingly, no menstral blood is visible though this was the second day of her cycle.

5 thoughts on “Age 26 – Day 2

  1. I wonder could anyone provide photos of a pregnant womans cervix, during each trimester? That would be interesting. Am finished having my babies unfortunately, otherwise I would do it!


  2. How about pics of ladies with CIN cervical cell changes?? I have been diagnosed with CIN 2/3 with HPV Virus active… i was too fightened to look on the screen during my colposcopy but would be very interested to see if there were any visable changes from the nornal cervix??


  3. WOW, What a beautiful thing. I just purchased a speculum and saw what I look like in there. Now I have something to compare to and All of the other areas when I become Pregnant. I hope to photograph mine during ovulation before and after intercourse. If they are good I will forward them to you. Thanks again…


  4. Thanks for commenting on the squamocolumnar junction. Mine is much more pronounced, and I was concerned this was abnormal. But I was able to do a search for this term and found it is quite normal. It is a shame most diagrams show perfect pink cervixes as normal. Thank you for this site!


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