Age 29 – Day 16

This woman is 29 years old and typically has a 29 day cycle. She had a vaginal birth 6 years ago (note os is more of a slit than a hole) and has no history of STDs. This photo was taken on day 16 and she thinks she is ovulating.  She is taking progesterone and many vitamins to try to get pregnant.

Day 16

Note the fertile whitish-clear fluid in the upper right quadrant of the photo.  She is currently trying to conceive.

4 thoughts on “Age 29 – Day 16

  1. This is so interesting.Question for Sarah.If your cervix tilts,does that make it more difficult to conceive?


    gayle Reply:

    Mine is tilted and the dr told me it should not get in the way or cause problems with ttc


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