Age 33 – Day 4

Day 4

This is the cervix of a 33 year old woman who has given birth once before.  She has no history of STDs or abnormal paps though it has been 3 years since her last pelvic exam.  In this photo, she is on Day 4 of her cycle and was lightly spotting. She generally bleeds for 2-3 days.

She noted that her cervix felt hard and hard to reach (felt high/deep in her vagina).

She was once told by a practioner that her “cervix looked pretty warped,” and she comments that this photo captures that it looks “sorta like a heart.”

6 thoughts on “Age 33 – Day 4

  1. I have what feels like this. I am thrilled to see this picture as I have been wondering if something was wrong with me. Great website. Keep up the good work.


  2. I do realize above you mentioned the fact that this woman had prevously had childern.Howevr,to your knowledge has an abnormally shaped cervix ever been known to prevent and/or make conception difficult? Also is abnormality of the cervixs’ over all shape,such as in this womans case a hereditary trait? I would like to say, that this an excellent website. My girlfriend and I visit this site often to expand the knowledge of her inner workings if you will. As a male I find this informative not only on a educational level , but to gain an even deeper respect for not just my girlfriends body but women in general. Your time and efforts in aiding the peopel seeking this information hopefully will continue to pay off.


  3. Hi,
    Great site. Thank you and all the ones’ that shared their beautiful cervixes with all of us.
    Please can you tell (or show us) different shapes of cervixes. I think (by touch) my cervix might look similar to the one on the photo.
    thank you very much in advance


  4. é muito emocionante olhar essa foto. dia 07/11/210 perdi a minha bb que estava com 21 semanas por causa de um erniamento de bolsa esse site é muito informativo


  5. This is my cervix. When I took this pic I had a larger speculum then I think I needed. I tried several times after this to retake but still pics never quiet came out right. My husband would become inpatient when taking the pics.

    6 months after I took this photo I had my pap and pelvic done in May 2010. Everything was clear. I tried asking my doct to take a pic while had speculum in but she refused but gave me a new speculum that is just right size but I haven’t tried retaking. But I will one of these days.


  6. I’m quite relieved to see this as I feel like I have something similar to this picture, however a little over a month ago it didn’t feel like this, it felt like the ‘donut’ shape… Is it possible to change in less than 2 months??? Should I be concerned?


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