Age 35 – IVF Conception

This is the cervix of a 35 year old woman who has had 4 previous vaginal births.  She typically has a regular 28 day cycle.  She has had a pap smear with an ‘abnormal cell count’ result and has had non cancerous polyps removed from her cervix in the past.

She is now pregnant with her 5th child, who she conceived using IVF.  These photos are taken the month she conceived with IVF.  She ovulated on day 15 and they transferred an embryo on day 20, and got pregnant!

Day 9

This is four days before ovulation.  You can see some milky fertile fluid at her os.

Day 22

The embryo was transferred two days ago using IVF.

Day 25

Day 29

The embryo has successfully implanted and she is now pregnant!  She did a home pregnancy test on day 26 and got a positive result, which was confirmed by a blood test in the clinic a week later.

14 thoughts on “Age 35 – IVF Conception

  1. Wow, this is wonderful to see. I’ve had a baby and after looking through some of your pics wondered what it would be like to see the cervix closing with pregnancy so this is really helpful!

    Your website is amazing, thank you for all your hard work!


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  3. felicitaciones muy buenas tomas del cervix, seria beneficioso para quienes desconocen la anatomia humana, didacticen las imagenes en una serie de cuellos normales, en diferentes edades y muestras de cervix con patologia, lo que animaria a las mujeres y porque no a los varones de la importancia de hacerse el papanicolau y diagnosticar a tiempo el cancer, felicitaciones, un cibernauta curioso. erkafe.bolivia


  4. Hi I am an ivf patient and I was told that my cervix opening at my last transfer was as tight as a pin head and they had to use a steel thread to get the cathiter in. I was just wondering if this would effect the ability of the sperm to get through if we were trying naturally. My ob said once I have a baby vaginally that this will change but what about in the mean time?


    Kristine Reply:

    Renae, Just wondering if you are charting your cycles (temps and/or cervix)?


  5. I love your project! my boyfriend and I are trying to conceive! I did not know that after planned intercourse you cou0ld tell 7 days later if you are pregnant or not, great info! congrats!


    Rachel Reply:

    How can you tell 7 days later if you are pregnant? An early test?


  6. That’s just AMAZING! I would consider this procedure!!!! 🙂 congratulations! God is good! And let me just say he’s sure blessed you w many blessed angels! <3


  7. Hi i have a question i ovulated on sept. 8th i was on clomid will it is now sept. 24 and my cervix is still high and hard but soft having trouble describing it but any how on 10 dpo i tested and it was negative on 11 dpo i tested agian and agian negative can you tell me if i was testing to early and why my cervix is still high


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