6 weeks Postpartum

6 Weeks Postpartum

This photo was taken at the woman’s 6 week postpartum visit with her midwife.

She bled (called lochia) for 3 weeks postpartum as the uterus regained its pre-pregnant shape (also called involution).  Then she had a week break with no bleeding, and then spotted with severe uterine “soreness” for a couple days.  And now at 6 weeks, she is having what she considers a normal period.  Note the fresh red blood coming from the os.

With both previous babies her cycle came back at 8 weeks, so a relatively early return to cycling was expected.

5 thoughts on “6 weeks Postpartum

  1. ok so the hole is where the baby comes and bleeding comes from?? is that right?


    beautifulcervix Reply:

    Yes. The cervix dilates to 10 cm to birth a baby. It also releases menstrual blood during the menstrual cycle. Amazing!


  2. Okay, so I know this is going to come across as very ignorant, and I also know I am very late in posting, but I have a question. I am pregnant, and my cervix looks/feels like this (minus the bleeding). I am a bit confused because I have never read much about the cervix but why are some “normal” pictures completely smooth and round and other “normal” pictures have this puckered area around the os? I guess that is my question – why is the rough/bumpy area on the outside of some cervices but not all? Is it a pregnancy thing? Or something abnormal? What happens to cause this, or what is it called? Thank you for helping.


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