Fertility and Women’s Health Resources

Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals – Find an educator, teacher trainings, professional memberships – Feminist resources, activism, current events

Feminist Women’s Health Collective – Cervical Self-Exam Instructions

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands – Remaking the World with a Feminist Vision

National Women’s Health Network – Advocacy and information about sexual and reproductive health and autonomy

Re:Cycling – Blog by the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

HERS Foundation – Hysterectomy Alternatives and After Effects



Fertility Awareness



Midwives Alliance of North America – Professional midwifery association that promotes an evidence-based Midwifery Model of Care, addressing health disparities, and achieving optimal outcomes through normal physiologic birth and healthcare across the lifespan.

North American Registry of Midwives – Advocacy, professional development, and news about Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs)

International Center for Traditional Childbearing – Infant mortality prevention, breastfeeding promotion and midwife and full-spectrum doula training

Midwifery Today – The Heart and Science of Pregnancy, Birth, and Homebirth

19 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hi, a very interesting page, especially for me – living without (!!!) any cervix. Only my cervix was eliminated in an operation in 2005. Now I am trying to get pregnant (it should be possible) by IVF. Is there anyone who has got any experience? The operation I had is very seldom. If you are interested get in contact with me.


  2. Hi…what incredible pictures and work you are doing , congratulations.Just wonering have you ever thought of making a facebook page /group.It would really help educate people and probably blow a few minds:-)
    cheers and thanks D


  3. I wonder if there is much knowledge/research about cervical orgasm. It is my usual most intense sexual response and I found most health professionals never heard of it. I wonder if you know any link/website I could refer to treating this topic seriously?
    Thanks much for this inspiring website,
    Claire (*_*)


  4. Hello,

    I wanted to let you know that I have added a link to your site in the “empowering resources” list of my blog. Thank you for your wonderful resource!



  5. hey am a man but i know about how prepare a baby in womens stomach (whomb). i ask my wife so many time how it get foundation after first time sex but she did not tell about this matter. i want to know how it will prepare down worry am asking this for my knowledge only not any other reason.


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