The Beautiful Cervix Project’s Womb Wisdom Workshops  and private Fertility Awareness Education consultations will be coming soon….Please check back regularly for updates!

You are invited to attend a safe, interactive, and informative workshop to empower you to reconnect with the wise womb within you.  More than just a reproductive refresher course, this is empowered cool older sister version of the awkward Sex Ed class from middle school.

We circle together to share knowledge, love and celebration for our bodies and cycles and dismantle cultural misinformation and shame about women’s bodies.

Discover your Body Anew: Explore the perfection of our female bodies from a feminist perspective.  Gain tools to expand your sexual pleasure.

Reclaim your Cycle: Learn the basic ‘how-tos’ and ‘whys’ of menstrual cycle charting to understand your body’s rhythms and fertility and natural birth control.  Knowledge = Power.

Get to Know your Cervix: Speculum + Flashlight + Mirror = Awe-Inspiring Self-Exploration. Option to do self-exam together in a group or choose to use your exam kit only at home.

Nourish Your Yoni: Create your own herbal vaginal steam bath potion for use at home.

Green your Cycle: Discover Eco-alternatives to disposable tampons & pads that promote the health of your body and of our Mother Earth.

Intended for groups of 5-7 women in their reproductive years.

Each participant will be given her own speculum, mirror and flashlight.  In the spirit of the DIY self-exam of the 1970’s feminist movement, let the Body Loving Revolution continue!

16 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi
    I would love to attend a workshop yet I am 55 and post menopausal! Still love being a woman and would enjoy the experience if you have a workshop for women who are not in their reproductive years!
    I am RN for 30 years and in grad school obtaining women’s health NP (grad in Oct 2013)I am also a licensed massage therapist.
    Thanks and look forward to your reply
    B 🙂


  2. I am interested in attending one and will keep in touch . I am writing to ask if my 15 , nearly 16 yr old daughter could attend with me . Having been allowed to grow up in relative ignorance of body regarding health and sexual issues , I have been insistent that my daughters shoud be raised with knowledge . It seems to me that the workshop would be very useful for a girl in the early stage of womanhood . She already has knowledge and interest that would enable her to benefit and is very comfortable in the company of older women .

    Janet Lansley


  3. Hiya, your website is so full of amazing information! Images that I have tried to visualise from textbook definitions are so clear to me now. I wish they taught this stuff in school! I wonder if you’d be willing to travel to Australia? just an idea… 🙂


    Maddii Reply:

    I second this! I think that this website is phenomenal, and needs to be shared with everyone. Super empowering, and very informative. I only recently stopped taking the birth control pill because I felt it was causing a negative impact on my body. Since then I have begun charting, to keep track of everything, and all of the information here has helped so much. Thankyou, and please do come to Aus! 😀


  4. CHICAGO!!! please!! I was recently diagnosed with fibroid tumors ,I’m 26 years old, African American and very new to this please give insight


  5. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Why I still have tons to learn this gave so much about my self in theses last two hrs…. and yes I would love to learn more about how to become apart of your organization


  6. I love in West Virginia! I have just recently began exploring my body! I am very interested in learning more as I know many many others will be! I would love to be able to attend these workshops in hopes that one day I may be able to take power of my own body and maybe be able to diagnosis something within my self if anything becomes not right! I was diagnosis with cervical cancer in 2010 but am free! I would have never thought a self exam would be possible at home! I am absolutely loving reading about all these things that woman can do to take power over there own bodies! Knowledge is absolute power and I would love to have you close to my he so I as well as many others could attend these workshops! I would love to help any way possible just get back with me if I could help in any way! Thanks so much for helping educate woman! I hope woman can take charge of their bodies and began to live well! Thanks Jennifer m! Logan West Virginia!


  7. I’ve learned so much, but their is a lot more that could be clarified through this workshop, please let me know how I can participate in this workshop, if this is still going on.


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